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Hair growth oil is not a myth.

Hair follicles continuously go through four phases. Anagen - growth, catagen - transitional, telogen - resting, and exogen - shedding and regrowth. You can alter your hair growth by prolonging the anagen and shortening the telogen phases.

Sweyn Forkbeard Beard Growth Oil is a blend of some of the rarest and most expensive 100% organic oils in the world. Pomegranate and Castor oils, among other benefits, are great at increasing blood circulation. It will in turn bring oxygen and all the nutrients necessary to maintain your active hair follicles. Increased blood flow will also stimulate your resting hair follicles to restart their cycle. Baobab Seed, Abyssinian, Pumpkin, Andiroba, Black Seed, and Rice Bran oils are rich in nutrients, minerals and vita