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Hello! Thanks so much for visiting our street, we really hope you're happy here and find everything that you need. Mendelli Street was founded to create a space where anyone can find a gift for anyone. We found that other gift companies either had a small range of products or unnecessarily high-prices, not to mention many of the options were unethical, lacked diversity or were mass-produced, generic and lacked thought. Mendelli Street has something for everyone;  we aim to be an inclusive place in the world where everyone feels included and catered for. We have cast the net far and wide when it comes to sourcing our products, focusing on the best small businesses we could find, and have taken feedback from people around the world to ensure we have created a range that is positive and authentic. 

'We' are wife-and-wife Dani & Sophie, and we founded Mendelli Street in 2020 after failing to find a suitable gift for our friend on what would have been her wedding day (Google 'coronavirus 2020' for more info on that). We didn't want to send something generic, we wanted to send a personal gift with heart. It quickly became apparent that nothing existed that ticked all of our boxes, so we got brainstorming. Mendelli Street became a metaphor for a street we stayed on while traveling a few years back; it was a melting pot of diversity and that was what we wanted to replicate. All of our skincare products are cruelty free, we have avoided plastic wherever possible (even our delivery boxes are eco-friendly and we plant ten trees of every one we cut down), we have tried to include a vegan option for everything as well as making sure virtually everything is halal. We haven't labelled products by gender, if something comes in 'Mr & Mrs' then there will be a homosexual option and we champion female owned small-businesses.

We hope you enjoy looking around, we love to hear your feedback so feel free to drop us a message using our contact form! If you're ready to start creating your very own gift box, you can start by clicking here, otherwise keep reading to learn more about our fantastic range of suppliers below.

Thanks so much for stopping by! 

Dani, Sophie and the little Mendelli Street team xxx 

We pledge to always price our products in a manner which is fair to our suppliers. As a small business ourselves, we understand the hard work and the unseen costs that can go into developing a business, and therefore we are committed to always paying them a fee that reflects that. We also pay all of our staff above National Living Wage and support eco-friendly products which often come at a higher price point. In January 2021, we sent out a survey across social media asking our customers whether they would prefer to pay for their desired packaging option in order to purchase our products at a lower cost, and amazingly 87% of people said they would. This is why we recently started charging for packaging options; it means we can keep our product prices lower as we don't have to cover the cost of our most expensive packaging if that isn't what the customer would prefer. Hopefully, this should mean that your gift box is cheaper overall!


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