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Sold exclusively at Mendelli Street from January 2021, Ölalumé are a new candle brand, hand pouring indulgently fragranced candles using only the most premium soy wax. Completely vegan, Ölalumé infuse their renewable, chemical free wax with a minimum 12% essential oil strength, meaning they have a wonderful scent throw when the wax is both hot and cold. Soy wax also burns much slower than chemical-based paraffin wax, meaning not only is your candle completely natural, it will also last longer than paraffin alternatives. 

Ölalumé launches with nine capsule fragrances; Honey & Tobacco, Cherry Blossom & Plum, Bergamot & Lily, Black Pomegranate, Lavender & Chamomile, Tuscan Leather, Rocksalt & Driftwood, Sandalwood & Black Pepper and Apple & Cinnamon. All will be available at Mendelli Street from January, either to add to a gift box or to buy independently.

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