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Discover a brand new shaving experience with Sweyn Forkbeard shaving soaps while you enjoy the wet shave tradition.

Sweyn Forkbeard Shaving Soap Lime is handmade using a unique natural formula. It consists of only 100% organic and plant-based ingredients. You will enjoy its rich and easy to build lather, as well as the protection against skin irritations. Our shaving soap will allow you to discover a brand new shaving experience. Your biggest surprise will be how long this shaving soap lasts.

Sweyn Forkbeard Shaving Soap Lime has a distinctive character. Scented with 100% organic Lime essential oil this shaving soap is fresh and citrusy with some bitter notes. You will love a shave with Shaving Soap Lime before going out.

Sweyn Forkbeard Shaving Soap Lime is 100% organic and plant-based. Unlike most other shaving soaps, we created a unique and complex formula, which includes no animal fats. Our shaving soaps are purely vegan-friendly. We do not use chemicals, alcohols, parabens, sulphates, artificial fragrances or colours. Hence, this shaving soap is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

organic shaving soap- lime