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Welcome to the Gift Club! At Mendelli Street, we are all about giving. That's why it only felt right that we gave something back every time you shop with us; a little thank you for choosing us and helping to support all of the small businesses and charities that we stock products from. 

Our Gift Club is a simple concept. For every pound you spend at Mendelli Street, you will get ten points added to your rewards wallet. 100 points equals £1 to spend back at Mendelli Street - that means if you spend £50 on a gift box, you will receive the equivalent to £5 in points for you to spend any time you like. If you created a gift box from Mendelli Street every couple of months, you could end up getting a Christmas gift box entirely for free!

To get started, make sure you create an account with us so we have somewhere to add your points to. If you've already checked out without making an account, don't panic. You can create an account afterwards and we will add your points within 24 hours. Plus, as an extra treat, everyone who has shopped with us in 2020 will get all of the points they would have acquired added to their rewards balance in retrospect.

Your rewards wallet is the little button down on the bottom left. Click on the icon to check your balance. When you decide to redeem your points, a unique code will be generated which will act as your own personal discount code. Just use this at checkout to get your points balance deducted from your total.

For any more information, check our terms and conditions. If you need any help, feel free to chat with us using the chat box or drop us an email at


Fifth letter: A

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Wondering why you are seeing this? Click here to join our Virtual Easter Egg Hunt!

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