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Can you follow the clues to find the prizes?

Welcome to our virtual Easter egg hunt! To take part, follow the clues that we have scattered across our website, social media or wherever else we may have hidden them in order to find your prize. Everyone who participates is guaranteed to win an Easter gift (what sort of gift company would we be if we let people go home empty handed?) and you can play up until the hunt closes on the 6th April!

Each clue will begin with a new letter. Make a note of each letter, and at the end of the hunt you will have seven letter word. This word is the password to the prize page!

Ready to begin? Here is your first clue:

First letter: E

'The Thursday Murder Club', 'The Midnight Library'

and 'Women Don't Owe You Pretty' were some of the bestselling

books of 2020. If you wanted to receive

a monthly book subscription from Mendelli Street,

which page should you head to?

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Untitled design (51).png