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For us, books are the classic gift. They are beautiful, interesting, and quite often, unforgettable. The only downside? Due to the glue that binds them, books cannot be recycled. This means that each year, millions of books head to landfill. Not only is this terrible for the environment, it is a heart-breaking waste of inspiring, fantastical, impactful work. And so, Book Scheme was born. 

Our pledge is to save these books from landfill, and to deliver hundreds of books that may never have been discovered to eager readers across the country. Each month, you will receive a hand-picked selection of books, some second-hand, some brand new, but all in good condition and with a story to tell.

The deadline to subscribe to the current month's subscription is the 5th of each month. Subscriptions will be dispatched on the 15th of each month.

Please select the amount of books you would like to receive each month, and fill in your preferences so we can accurately tailor your book delivery to your taste. You can cancel at any time, so you are completely commitment free!

Done with your books? You can donate them back to us for free! Click here to let us know how many books you're sending and we will send you a shipping label. All books will either be redistributed to our customers or donated to a local women's refuge.